Fresco Harmonica Ensemble

Founded by 2 of our alumni, Aiden Soon Hock Chuan and Evelyn Choong Seet Yee in 2006, FRESCO Harmonica are harmonica virtuosos in Malaysia that focused on performance as well as music cultivation at the same time. They pledged to begin a new journey to compose and explore the possibilities of all kinds of music.

Working towards honing the group’s musicality and ensemble skills, Fresco Harmonica had never ceased breaking the boundaries of classical and contemporary music. With great courage and focus on their goal to forge new masterpieces with their uniqueness of taste and colour, the group challenge themselves with new musical ideas, collaboration of different genres of music, and different instrumentation. Besides, Fresco Harmonica had also formed a harmonica orchestra and organized international music events.

Their active participations in competitions, performances as well as music education had attracted attentions from the media and several television networks, gaining positive remarks and compliments from the public. Finally, they release their first CD album “FRESCO Harmonica Ensemble” in year 2010.

Winners at the World Harmonica Festival 2009, Trossingen, Germany
Germany World Harmonica Double Champion – Fresco Harmonica Ensemble is actively performing and educating music locally as well as overseas
To know more about their passion, visit:
Official site:

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