Melvin Goh

Melvin 1

Melvin Goh Mun Arn
B. in Contemporary Music (Piano)

Upcoming shows:

  • KL International Jazz Festival 2013 in September



  • Invited to different churches such as HOPE Kuching, CGMC Ipoh and others from different states to lead worship, do concerts, and conduct music workshops.
  • Invited to Curtin, Miri to educate their Music Club about music and conduct workshops and have a concert night.


  • Composed soundtrack for a short film titled “The Last Part,” directed and produced by one of Malaysia’s very own homegrown and talented youtubers, Ming Han. This short film was involved in the Berjaya Youth Short Film competition last year during October 2012. We managed to grab hold of 2nd place in that competition. [Watch video here]
  • Involved in a Christmas musical last December 2012 by a church called DUMC. The play is titled “The Manger and Me,” it was a Christmas play. Had the role of being the music director and music arranger for the play. Involved in a musical collaboration with 2 different churches, DUMC and SIBKL, the musical is known as “Mad World.” Had the privilege to play the keyboards throughout the entire play.
  • Contributed to the Malaysia Gospel Music scene when local church, DUMC arranged and recorded their 2nd gospel album, “Savior Friend.” I had the chance to be a part of this live recording album by playing and recording the piano and keyboard parts for all of the songs and arranged some of the music in it as well.
  • Accompanied Astro Talent Quest 2006 champion, Chang Wei Kang, on the keyboards for his live talk show and performance on MYfm last December 2012. Have been doing regular wedding and function gigs with him as well. – new-timed-comment-at-180072

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