Ng Hong Liang


Ng Hong Liang
B. in Classical Music (Piano)


  • 13th Hong Kong (Asia Pacific) Piano Competition Malaysia Preliminary Contest, Open Category – Third Prize – November 2012
  • 2012 ASIA International Piano Academy & Festival with Competition, Cheonan, South Korea – Gold Prize – July 2012
  • 2012 ASIA International Piano Academy & Festival with Competition, Cheonan, South Korea – Silver Prize – July 2011
  • ANZCA Music Festival 2010, Kuala Lumpur – Third Prize  2010

As written by Ng Hong Liang, 3 March 2013

Above are my humble achievements during the years studying classical music degree in UCSI University, School of Music.

Instead of writing down factual statements, I would prefer writing out my personal experiences in my own words. Studying in UCSI University, School of Music for 3-4 years for me is neither long nor short but it has become an important part of the journey of my life. If I may to use one word to describe this journey, it would be “adventurous”. When I first stepped into this university, it feels like tree branches growing out under my feet. There are so many opportunities to choose from, so many different people to meet, and so many choices you could make to form who you are.

I love music, I love wide varieties of genre and you could hardly imagine if you live without it. I chose to study under Classical music degree is because I think that Classical Music could considered as the fundamental where the music grows from and I am interested to know. It is so different from high school period which we only get a music lesson once a week but now, I am surrounded by it. However, that’s not everything. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my piano lecturer that I am studying with in UCSI University, Dr Nicholas Ong.

He gave me a word, “exposure”. Not only he is a piano lecturer, he is a very dedicated piano lecturer. He brings his students to another side of the horizon where you could say, “What you could see in music right now, that’s not all.” Throughout the years, he brings his student out of the campus for competitions, piano masterclasses, and performances and even events out of the country. It has proven to me that music is not just about academic but you absorb knowledge of your own from different kind of places. Recently, thanks to him, I have the opportunity to play as an accompanist for young violinists playing alongside with well-known performers around the country for several concerts such as Ms Foo Mei Yi, Mr. BartoszWoroch, Dr Nicholas Ong himself and Mr. James Dong.

Back to me, some of the students or parents might wonder that music teacher is the only way out. In my opinion, if you are restricting yourself to only that choice and play safe, then yes. There are so many other places that you could apply your knowledge on such as concert event management, music librarian, music accompanist, and there is nothing wrong for a classical student to learn to be a recording staff.

For me after my graduation in UCSI University, I would likely continue my studies in Masters but I would like to do a combination of music accompanist, event manager, and a music teacher while I continue to explore in the endless wonders of the music world. Yes, there are times that we would face failures and denials but those are the important experiences that bring you to your successes and dreams.

Lastly, I would just like to say, believe in yourself, make your life colorful. Welcome to UCSI University.


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