Wong Hui Yun


Wong Hui Yun, Cleryn (in picture, left)

 B. Classical Music (Piano)

 Hui Yun learned the harmonica when she was 13 years old.   (2005). She joined Fresco Youth* in year 2011.

*Fresco Youth is a division of Fresco Harmonica Ensemble, founded by Soon Hock Chuan & Evelyn Choong, both UCSI University School of Music alumni.

 Up Coming Event:
 Competition in World Harmonica Festival 2013. (Germany)

 Music Awards


9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, Malaysia:

  •  Champion in Quintet (Age 22-59) Category
  •  Champion in Quartet (Age 22-59) Category
  •  1st runner up in Duet (Age 22-59) Category
  •  2nd runner up in Harmonica Orchestra


8th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, Singapore:

  • Champion in Orchestra (Open) Category
  • Champion in Harmonica Ensemble (Open)
  • 2nd Runner Up in Harmonica Trio (Youth)


Harmonica Music Festival, Penang:

  • Champion in Harmonica Quartet (Open) with Gold Level Medal
  • 2nd runner-up in Duet (Open) Category with Gold Level Medal


Suzuki Harmonica Competition Festival (08-09/12/2007) :

  • 1st Runner Up in Harmonica Quartet (open)
  • 1st Runner Up in Harmonica Solo (Open)
  • 2nd Runner Up in Harmonica Trio (Open)


  • Excellent Award in Harmonica Orchestra


  • “Harmonica – Creativity With Soul” Harmonica Symphony Orchestra Charity Concert, 2011
  • International Highland Harmonica Festival, Cameron Highland, 2009
  • “Our Theme Song” Harmonica Symphony Orchestra Concert, 2009
  • “Harmony of Duos 2”, Singapore 2007

Performance Highlights:

  • As a opening guest performer in Khalil Fong’s Concert. (Genting Highland, 14/7/2012)
  • Dato Lee Chong Wei’s wedding dinner. (10/11/2012)
  • Invited to perform in North Korea. (The 28th April Spring Friendship Art Festival, DPR Korea.)
  • Grand Talent Concert in 9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2012

More Pictures:

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