Gan Hui Wan

Function Gig
Gan Hui Wan [2nd from left]

Gan Hui Wan (Vocalist)

B. Contemporary Music

Choral Experiences:

As part of Dithyrambic Singers:

  • “Distant Worlds – Music from Final Fantasy” with Dithyrambic Singers and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra; Arnie Roth, conductor. (Nov. 2012)
  • Dithyrambic Singers – “A Choral Voyage: Contemporary Masterpieces” Choral Production @ KLPAC (June 2012)
  • Vice President – Dithyrambic Singers (Sept. 2012 – Present)
  • Coordinator for the Dithyrambic Singers’ Caroling Performances (2012)

As part of UCSI University Concert Choir:

  • Coordinator of UCSI University Concert Choir’s participation in the 11th China International Choral Festival & IFCM World Choir Summit (July 2012)
  • UCSI University Concert Choir – Local Concert Tours in Penang, Sarawak, and Sabah. (2011-2012)
  • Taiwan Orientale Concentus III International Choral Festival (July 2010)
  • President – UCSI University Concert Choir (2012)
  • Vice President – UCSI University Concert Choir (2011)

Professional Experiences:

  • 8tv “The Ultimate Song” Competition – Vocalist
  • Eric Whitacre’s 1st Live Virtual Choir performance at TED 2013 Conference’s Closing Presentation
  1. Watch on HERE
  2. Watch on HERE
  3. Read about it on HERE
  • Events managed by SHOUT Entertainment.
    • a) Wedding gigs
    • b) Function gigs
  • – Overseas Assurance Corporation Chinese New Year Dinner
  • – I-City Chinese New Year Celebration
  • – UCSI University Carnival
  • – 8th Malaysia Conference on Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine and 1st International Congress Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine – One Malaysia

Other Experience/Events:

  • UCSI University Course Counselor
  • 988 radio station’s “Dynamite Saturday” demo singer
  • KL International Jazz Festival (Volunteer)

More Pictures:

Dithyrambic Singers (Final Fantasy)
[Click to enlarge]
Eric Whitacre's LVC
[Click to enlarge]
Function Gig
[Click to enlarge]


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