Audition FAQ MMus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
for the Master of Music in Performance Studies Program (MMus)

What is the programme about?
The MMus is an advanced programme in music performance with Principal Study tuition at its core. This may be classical or contemporary and embrace both solo and collaborative performance. The course also develop Masters’ level skills of critical enquiry and research as appropriate to students whose principal mode of expression is through performance. This will enable students to articulate aspects of their work through the act of performance itself and through more conventional forms of academic practice.

Is the programme open to all instrumentalists and vocalists?
No. Initially the programme will only consider applications from classical and contemporary pianists.

What are the Minimum educational qualifications to enter the programme?
An upper second class honours degree (CGPA of 3.00 and above). The degree doesn’t have to be in Music, but if it is in a subject other than music then other evidence of comparable accomplishment in music will be asked for (e.g. advanced music diploma, recital programmes, CDs etc.).

Is there an entrance audition to the programme, and are there any other entrance tests?
Yes. Please see the separate “Audition and Placement Test Requirements for MMus candidates” information sheet.

What happens if I do badly in the placement tests?
If the results of the tests show deficiencies in your existing knowledge and understanding, you are still eligible to enter the programme. However, if you have an undergraduate degree in music, you will be told of any deficiencies shown up by the tests and advised to do additional work on your own as appropriate. If your undergraduate degree is not in music, or you come from an unconventional undergraduate background, you will be required to take remedial courses form the undergraduate music programme at UCSI.

Are there any English Language entrance requirements?
Yes. You must have one of the following:

  • TOEFL: a minimum score of 550
  • IELTS: a minimum score of 6.0
  • Undergraduate degree with English as the medium of instruction

How is the programme structured?
The structure of the programme is as follows:

Semester 1 (12 credit hours) Semester 2 (10 credit hours) Semester 3 (7 credit hours)
  • Principal Study 1
  • Music Research Methods


  • select ONE from the list


  • Principal Study 2
  • Schenkerian Analysis


  • select ONE from the list


  • Principal Study 3


  • select ONE from the list


Semester 4 (11 credit hours) List of Elective Subjects:

  • Principal Study 4


  • select TWO from the list
  • Repertoire Studies (topical, repeatable)
  • Performance Practices Seminar
  • Performance Pedagogy
  • Jazz Composition and Arranging
  • Music and Law

How long does it take to complete the program?
If the programme is completed within the 4 semesters it will take 16 months to complete. The maximum period of study within which students must complete the programme is 4 years.

Can I study for the program part-time?
Yes. The maximum period of study for part-time students is 4 years.

How much does the program cost in total?
The total tuition fee for the 4 semesters of the programme is RM36,000 for Malaysian students and RM40,000 for international students. In addition there are miscellaneous fees applicable to all students as well as a Completion Fee which is refundable if the programme is completed within 3 years.

Are scholarships available for this program?
Yes. Teaching Assistantships are available for Malaysian students only. Teaching Assistants will be required to teach within the Institute of Music for 10 hours per week in return for full remission of fees.


School of Music, December 2012


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