Audition FAQ Foundation & BMus

What time do I need to come to the audition? How long will it take?
The audition begins at 9am with the Theory Placement test. This is followed by either the Aural/Practical Skills test or the Performance audition itself. Candidates enrolling in the degree program will be required to do the Musicianship Skills test first. Kindly check the notices which will be posted up at the waiting rooms for your assigned times.

What should I bring with me?
Candidates are required to bring pencils, eraser and any other stationary deemed necessary for the Theory Placement test.

Do I have to memorize the pieces?
Candidates are recommended, but not required to memorize their pieces.

What do you mean by contrasting styles?
Candidates enrolling for the classical stream, the contrasting styles refer to the different music eras — Baroque, Classical, Romantic or 20th-century pieces. We strongly encourage you to play any pieces from the ABRSM/Trinity Graded Exam book (Grade 6 onwards).

Candidates enrolling for the contemporary stream, it refers to different genres/styles such as jazz, pop, or blues. For Foundation candidates, we strongly encourage you to have at least ONE pop/jazz/blues genre out of the 3 pieces that you will be performing. For Bachelors candidates, it must be 3 contemporary pieces of contrasting styles.

For more info on the performance audition, please refer to the link here. 

I am a non-pianist. Does the school provide an accompanist?
Candidates are expected to bring your own accompanist for your audition. However, if you do not have an accompanist, arrangements can be made with the Institute. Please let the Institute know in advance should you need us to arrange for an accompanist for you. You will be charged an accompanying fee. The fee will be made between the accompanist and the candidate.

For contemporary non-pianist, you are advised to bring a minus one CD if you are playing with accompanying music. Kindly let us know so that proper venue arrangements can be made for your audition.

What if I do really really bad on my tests? Is it possible that I don’t even make it to level 1 classes?
The Institute reserves the right to reject candidates that do not meet the minimum enrollment requirement for both Foundation and Degree programs.

Is there a dress code? Should I wear formal? Is jeans allowed?
There is no dress code. However, all candidates are advised to dress neatly and presentable.


One thought on “Audition FAQ Foundation & BMus

  1. Hi I’m Abi and i’m auditioning for degree in Contemporary music (piano) on 30/3/13, so according to the above I need to prepare 3 pieces which consist of Pop, Blues and Jazz right?


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