[FEATURE] Gan Hui Wan with Eric Whitacre’s Live Virtual Choir

View from the audience
View from the audience. Hui Wan is on the top row, third from left.

Given the opportunity of a lifetime, Gan Hui Wan was part of the 30-member virtual choir who performed LIVE at TED’s closing presentation in March. CLICK HERE to watch the video!

A student with many choral and vocal experiences, she shared her new episode with much delight! Read on of the online interview:

How did it feel like given the opportunity to perform with 29 other singers from around the globe on this project?
I was very overwhelmed and excited when I received the news via email. I re-read the email for several times because I just couldn’t believe that I was among the 30 singers chosen worldwide. It was such an amazing moment to cherish and I was definitely grateful to be chosen.

What were the ups and downs while being involved in this project and balancing schoolwork as a university student?
There weren’t many downs but if there was any, it’d be finding time to practice the music and dealing with the interviews and technical calls. But it was a plus point as I’ve learned the music previously so I didn’t need to spend too much time on learning it again.

What would be your top 3 “things I learned from this project”? Why?
How music brings people together. It is absolutely amazing to put 30 strangers together and conversations start rolling off naturally, thanks to music. Stepping out of your comfort zone grants you beautiful opportunitiesIf I didn’t send that participation email, I’m sure all of this couldn’t have happened. And finally, technology plays a significant part in our lives today – without social networking sites such as Facebook and Skype, this project would not have been a success.

During the show. This is what all virtual choir's singers' get to see when we perform.
During the show. This is what all virtual choir’s singers’ get to see when we perform.

How did your experience as a School of Music student helped you with this project?
I’ve always believed that apart from mere luck, I was chosen to perform in this project because of my knowledge and previous  experiences singing Eric Whitacre’s music as a member of the UCSI University choir, and also the external choir that I am part of – Dithyrambic Singers. For the audition, I listed out the repertoires that I’ve sung before. So, I believe this helped me in gaining this wonderful opportunity of being part of the Live Virtual Choir.

What would be the best advices that you received working on this project?
It’d be the words from the man himself – Eric Whitacre. He rushed backstage right after the show and managed to have a little talk with the live virtual choir. And he said, “I guess being in a choir may be the coolest thing for the first time ever.”

The School of Music would like to congratulate Hui Wan for such an amazing achievement! We look forward to see her professional growth as an artist in the future.


CLICK HERE to find out more about Hui Wan’s achievements.

The 2013 Virtual Choir
The 2013 Virtual Choir
During the rehearsals
During the rehearsals

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