Tiew Tok Khon (TK)

TK's PhotoTK has played with numerous international and local artistes and is also a prolific producer and arranger. He is an experienced and versatile musician who has played with many stellar musicians, including Motown sensation The Temptation (3 times America Music Award and 2 times Grammy Award winner vocalist Richard Street), Former Ladies of The Supremes, The Three Degrees, Stephen Rahman-Hughes, Harvey Malaiholo, Kris Dayanti, Ruth Sahanaya, Anuar Zain, Jaclyn Victor, Ning Baizura, Dayang Nurfaizah and many others.

TK has performed for numerous festivals including Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia, Jarasum Jazz Festival in Korea, Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore, Genting Jazz Festival and Sunrise Jazz Festival in Malaysia.

TK has arranged and played for musicals including The Secret Life Of Nora, Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical 3rd season, P. Ramlee The Musical 3rd season, Terima Kasih Cinta Musical and M! Opera The Musical.

TK has produced a few albums including Noryn Aziz’s 2nd album entitled I’m Alright and Atilia’s 2nd album entitled Indah.

He is currently the Musical Director for Donne Radford – The Sound of The Platters and Atilia.


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