[FEATURE] Towards the Glorious Path – Harmonica Concert


Click to watch the encore from the concert – Towards the Glorious Path 2013 (Facebook)

“Harmonica music is not like piano music, where the music sheets are readily available. It is not a well-tread path, so the students have to arrange the music themselves to suit the harmonica,” he said, adding that the students had done ‘a tremendous job’. – Prof. Dr. P’ng Tean Hwa, Head of School of Music

Click to read about the article HERE

“I hope for the competition, the students will be able to surprise the judges and make them sit up and notice that Malaysia does have talent,” – Evelyn Choong, co-founder of Fresco Harmonica

Click to read about their feature in The Star, 18 August 2013 – In Harmony of Funds

Official Trailer  – Towards the Glorious Path 2013

“The World Harmonica Festival is the Olympics of harmonica music. We will do everything we can to make Malaysia proud,” – Cleryn Wong, member of Fresco Youth Ensemble

Congratulations to Cleryn Wong and Sharene Tang!

Best wishes to Fresco Youth Ensemble for the competition in Germany later this year!


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