[FEATURE] Chan Mei Xuan

Mei Xuan performing at the Final round of the Asia Piano Competition, Taiwan

Mei Xuan (Maxy) majors in contemporary piano. Her first stage performance — at the tender age of 4 —  was at a Christmas concert organized by the music center she attended at that time. She achieved her ATCL certificate in piano performance in 2010 and then her LTCL certificate (with distinction) in 2012. She has performed at various events such as The 5th Miss Tourism International Pageant (2000) and ABRSM High Scorers’ Concert (2007, 2011).

Mei Xuan began to participate actively in competitions in 2013. In March, she was Champion in the 6th Roland Music Festival in Pop and Jazz piano solo category. She received 3rd prize in the 1st EUROASIA Youth Music Competition in the Senior category held in May. Recently, she participated at the Asia Piano Competition, organized by Graceful Piano.

The preliminary and semi final rounds of the competition were held on 27th-28th July and 4th August 2013 respectively in UCSI University. The Finals was on 17th-19th August 2013 held in National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei. Mei Xuan participated in the Asian Work:Young Adult category, performing Hiromi Uehara’s “The Tom and Jerry Show”. She performed the piece for all rounds she participated in, as part of the competition rules. She obtained the Gold Award at the Grand Finals.

We managed to catch up with Mei Xuan recently, post-competition. Below is a brief e-mail interview with her:

How was the preparation for the competition?
For me, learning this piece was tough because of its technical parts, but it was fun for the expression it brings out. I enjoyed playing this piece very much.

Describe your experience participating in this competition.
In the preliminary and semi final rounds, I was very excited because it was held in UCSI University where I am studying right now. I was very lucky to be chosen as one of the finalists to represent Malaysia for the Grand Finals in Taipei. It was very challenging and a whole new experience for me because I met with many outstanding participants from other parts of Asian countries, like China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

How did you know of this competition? Who encouraged you?
I came to know of this competition from my classmate, Tzu Kuang. He was also a participant and was in the Professional Teenager category. My family has always been very supportive in my participation of competitions.

What experiences did you gain from this competition?
I am now more confident of myself, and ready to take up more challenges in the future.

APC Semi-Finals
With Prof. Dr. P’ng Tean Hwa, Head of School of Music, UCSI University during the Semi-final round of the Asia Piano Competition

How did your experience as a UCSIU student help you in this competition?

It has only been 5 months since I enrolled in UCSI University. The teachers here are dedicated and my classmates are friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the University provides us with a great platform to learn and fulfill our dreams.

Post-competition, Mei Xuan was awarded an “Honourable Commendation” for standout performances from Jarrod Radnich/Mastermind Studios in the Jarrod Radnich’s Pirates of the Caribbean Worldwide YouTube Piano Competition.

We congratulate Mei Xuan for her achievements thus far. We wish her the very best and look forward to her growth in her coming years with us at UCSI University.

More pictures:
With Prof. Dr. P'ng Tean Hwa at the Grand Finals of the Asia Piano Competition, Taiwan With Ms. Lee Wei Wei, Music Director of The Asia Musicians Society Receiving the Gold Award from Ms. Lee Wei Wei, Music Director of The Asia Musicians Society 1st EUROASIA Youth Music Festival 1st EUROASIA Youth Music Festival


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