[FEATURE] Quek Shio Yee winning The Ultimate Song 2013

Quek with Lexi Chan, composer of the winning song, Mission Incomplete
Quek with Lexi Chan, composer of the winning song, Mission Incomplete

It’s been roughly 6 months since Shio Yee — fondly known as Quek or Shio — completed her graduation recital. Last we heard, she was chosen to join The Ultimate Song 非常好歌, organized and broadcasted by 8TV. We managed to catch up with Quek over an e-mail interview not too long ago:

We caught wind that you recently joined a competition. What was the competition? 
I was contacted to try out for the audition to help as a singer/performer for one of the participants of the competition, The Ultimate Song which ran from February till June 2013. The competition concerned mainly compositions (songs and lyrics) although performances also contributed to a small percentage of the results.

How did you know of this competition? Who encouraged you?
A friend of mine from the production team suggested that I try out and audition as one of the singers for the competition. I didn’t know if I’d get in at that time. I received a few demos to try out, and the production team just picked the song that suited my voice the most. It was a pretty fast process. That’s how it all started.

Were there any other fellow classmates that joined?
Gan Hui Wan, a fellow classmate also joined as one of the singers for the program.

Describe briefly your experience in this competition.
As the singers, we were assigned to one composer each. We practiced with the initial demo submitted by the composer, and followed as the song progressed (the change in lyrics, the change in song structure, arrangements etc). The harder part was to perform the song on stage and on live camera. We felt the pressure of performing someone else’s work and there was always the worry of letting the composers and judges down if we didn’t perform well. The fact that I still can’t believe I’ve made it so far and it’s all already over. My composer (Lexi Chan) did so well with her song and I just helped to push it out there to the judges and the audience by performing her song (Mission Incomplete).

“To be able to receive the awards (Winner – Singer; Best Song Performer) was unbelievable but I was really grateful and lucky too.” — Quek Shio Yee

What experiences did you gain from this competition?
I’ve never done anything this big a scale before, and to share the big stage with so many talented people was amazing to me. Singing on live TV was scary. It still is. I particularly liked the preparations, like receiving early call times for hairdo and wardrobe and makeup backstage. And as contestants and singers, we got to know each other really well and had a lot of fun going places to promote the program.

It was a special thing that we did because to me it was so new that I was almost, always not used to everything that was happening. But I’m glad I went through it with them. I can’t say I’ve improved much, since I’m still as nervous singing on stage as before the competition. But I’ve learned a lot about how it all works and how much time and energy everyone, especially the crew, had to give to make it all happen.

How did your experience as a UCSI student help you in this competition?
I wasn’t a vocal student in UCSI or anywhere actually, but the stage experiences from the band classes helped me quite a bit.

What have you been up to since winning?
I’ve been doing performances and promotional activities for events related to Media Prima (8TV, one.fm, NTV7) etc, since the competition ended in June.

Watch the official MV here

We are extremely proud of Quek’s achievements and look forward to her continuing musical growth. Click here to read about our earlier article on her.

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