[FEATURE] FRESCO Harmonica Ensemble Wins at the World Harmonica Festival 2013

Congratulations to Fresco Harmonica Ensemble for winning in various categories at the recent World Harmonica Festival 2013 in Trossigen, Germany!

(L-R) Andrew, Jyne, Cleryn, Emily, Sharene, Evelyn, Aiden, Sean, Weng Hong, Samuel

This harmonica festival is in its 7th year saw participants from Hong Kong, Japan, France, Denmark, North and South Korea, to name a few nations, participating in this annual festival. 10 passionate harmonica players make up this year’s Fresco Harmonica Ensemble. They have made Malaysia proud by winning big at the World Harmonica Festival 2013.

The ensemble started of as a duo when they joined the competition in 2008. Aiden Soon and Evelyn Choong, founders of Fresco, participated and won in the solo and duo categories. Today, these UCSIU Alumni together with 8 others, form a larger ensemble and participated in all of the categories that they were eligible for. With fellow South East Asia compatriots from Singapore, Indonesia and 2 other Malaysian teams, Fresco Harmonica Ensemble was able to stand victorious, winning either one of the top 3 spots in the categories:

  • Ensemble Category (Champion)
  • Open Category (Champion)
  • Duet Category (1st runner-up)
  • Trio Category (1st and 2nd runners-up)

Fresco Harmonica Ensemble will be having an Appreciation Concert this Friday, 29 November at 730pm at Le Quadri Ballroom, UCSIU (North Wing campus) to show their gratitude to their supporters. Click here for more info on the concert. 

We would like to congratulate the Fresco Harmonica Ensemble, not only for their win, but also for their burning passion in harmonica music and putting Malaysia on the music map for harmonica to the world.

Heartiest Congratulations!

Click here to have a look at their experiences in this photo album!

Read about their interview with GenYes.my here!


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