Career Talk by Rockschool, Malaysia

Date: 4 April, Friday

Time: 1030am

Venue: Recital Hall, South wing campus

The talk will cover:
1) Environment – music scene in Malaysia
2) Empowerment – role of Rockschool
3) Equipping – how it adds value to Rockschool users and community



Rockschool, the International Rock Music Examination Board, is pleased to be continuing to expand its base in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand, and to continue to be the leading rock and pop exam board in these territories.

Rockschool in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei & Thailand

All Rockschool’s qualifications are available to candidates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand, including Graded Music Exams and Performance Certificates for Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Keyboards Vocals, band exams and the Performance & Teaching Diplomas designed for aspiring professional performers and teachers.  All Rockschool’s qualifications are accredited in the UK by both Ofqual and its associate accrediting bodies in Wales and Northern Ireland, and in Scotland.

Rockschool’s panel of examiners include musicians that have worked with many major artists and bands. These include The Who, Pitchshifter, Paul Weller, Haken, Phil Collins, Genesis, Deep Purple, Bjork, Fightstar, John Mayer and Joss Stone.

Rockschool Ltd

Rockschool was founded in the UK in 1991 to bring pop music into mainstrean music education.  It launched the world’s first set of graded music exams for electric guitar, bass and drums in 1992.  The company continues to innovate in the field of popular music assessment with new qualifications and publications being regularly added to our portfolio. Rockschool operates internationally in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Rockschool’s established reputation now ensures the support of leading musicians worldwide including Larry Carlton (Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Crusaders, Barbara Streisand), Jason Bowld (drummer for Killing Joke, Pitchshifter), and Nick Davis (producer of Genesis, Marillion and XTC amongst others).  Rockschool is also in a global partnership with Music Sales, one of the world’s largest sheet music publishers.


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