[FEATURE] Maestro Series Concert

On March 22, 2014, UCSI University had the privileged of hosting a performance by a remarkable group of trio:  The Orfeo Trio.  On top of that, it was also an official launching for Institute of Music, UCSI.  In other words, the upgrade from “School of Music” to “Institute of Music” means that the music department of UCSI is now an independent unit with the vision to become the leading music institution within the region.  The ceremony started with the national anthem; Negaraku, followed by a speech by Professor Dr. P’ng Tean Hwa, Director of the Institute of Music and UCSI University Vice Chancellor, Dato’ Dr. Khalid Yusoff.


The main event started after a video presentation of the Institute of Music, UCSI.  The Orfeo Trio with their members: Leonid Shukaev on the cello, Evgeny Zvonnikov on the violin and Julie Bees on the piano.  They started off with the light, sweet and playful tune of Joseph Haydn’s Piano Trio No.39 in G major, Hob. XV: 25.  It was followed by a lyrical piece of Beethoven’s Piano Trio No.1 in E-flat major, op.1 and after the intermission, the concluded the evening with darker sonorities from Shostakovich’s Piano Trio No.2 in E minor, op.67.  The Orfeo Trio was very professional individually as musicians as well as playing as a group.  They have such understanding of the music and how it relates with each other and they understand each other well enough to flow through the music as one.  Every single detail can be heard through their performance from the notes, articulations as well as the relations between each part.  The way their tone blend together as a team rather than three different musicians playing together were remarkably inspiring to those who attended the concert.

Indeed, The Orfeo Trio is a group worthy to be among those who roam the world of classical music for their intelligence and understanding of the style of the music as well as the technique to portray them in music are one of a kind.

Haydn was really interesting, they portrayed different characters of different sections and movements of the piece. The atmosphere of Shostakovich was really good. The piece gave me goosebumps: it sounded cold and helpless. Like being hold captive but not being able to do anything about it.” – Stephen Tseu, cello major at the Institute of Music on the performance by the Orfeo Trio.

The Orfeo Trio did not only mesmerized music students of UCSI, but also musicians from other institutes.

I enjoyed last night’s concert very much. The thing that I noticed first is the beautiful singing tone of the violinist. The whole balance between the instruments is amazing.  If I have to describe them, I would say that they are the perfect combination of a piano trio.  They themselves are individually great musicians.  They blend very well without overshadowing anyone.  My favourite from their performance is of course, Shostakovich’s Piano Trio.” – Ayeshah Hassan, and alumni from ASWARA.

In my opinion, it is a very good program, the selection of works shows a contrast between the early and late classical and also the 20th century. For me it is very engaging since we get to witness the recreation of the music around the era and how it evolved through the hands of time. The Orfeo Trio really did deliver their performance; it was prepared up to perfection. The synchronization between the players in terms of their dynamic, articulation and phrasing was really good and serve as an inspiration for the musicians in the making on what to seek for in order to play chamber music.” – Azam Fadley, who is an alumni from Faculty of Music, UiTM.

The Orfeo Trio flanked by the Institute of Music’s distinguished guests-of-honor.

The Maestro Series 2014 by the family of Institute of Music UCSI University is definitely an event where all of them can be proud of especially since it marks the start of a new beginning for the music institution in UCSIU as an independent unit.  The concert was a success and The Orfeo Trio made the evening an experience worth remembering.

This article was written by Nur Izwani bt. Ismail, 3rd year student of the B. Classical music program.

Pictures courtesy of Sim Jin Yee, 3rd year student of the B. Classical music program.

To view the full album on Facebook, click https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.618492438240909.1073741830.610037319086421&type=1


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