[FEATURE] A Choral Evening with Chamber Choir & Concert Choir

Photo courtesy of Terrence Ling
Photo courtesy of Terrence Ling

2nd April 2014 saw the second performance of the Institute of Music’s Chamber Choir & Concert Choir here at UCSI University. Twice a year in April and August, all students will be part of the end-of-semester concerts and choir concerts are one of the many. It is important to note that this is also the first time that both choirs are performing as part of UCSI University’s Institute of Music, as the music faculty of UCSI University is now functioning as an independent part of the university.

Previously, there were only two choirs in the Institute of Music namely the Senior/Junior Choirs and the Concert Choir, of which the latter has participated and won various international choral competitions such as the 2011 Orientale Concentus III International Choral Festival, Taiwan, the 2012 International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) World Choral Summit, Beijing and most recently, the 2013 International Youth and Children’s Choir Festival, Hong Kong.

Sometime last year, it was decided after much deliberation to establish an additional Chamber Choir and an All-Women’s Chorus. The objective of the Chamber Choir is to represent UCSI University and Malaysia on an international level by competing in various competitions around the world. In addition, being the premier resident choir of the Institute of Music, the chamber choir will also be participating and delivering workshops as well as conducting exchanges with other institutions and choral groups.

The concert started at 8pm at the Institute of Music’s recital hall. The first half of the concert featured a selection of choral pieces composed and arranged by British composer, John Rutter, subsequently ending with a joint performance by both the Concert Choir and the Chamber Choir. The second half was more interesting, with choral works ranging from spirituals to traditional folk songs arranged for a choral setting. The evening ended with yet another joint performance by both choirs which was greeted with a warm and enthusiastic round of applause from the audience, who clearly enjoyed the show. The Institute wishes to thank all for the continued support and are excited to present more new and exciting choral repertoire in the coming years.

This article was written by Glenn Tan, 3rd year student of the B. Music Contemporary program.


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