Jazz Piano Workshop with Kerong Chok

Date: 22 May 2014, Thursday

Time: 930am-11am

Venue: Recital Hall, South wing campus

Kerong Chok is with the Teriver Cheung Trio who is the artist-in-residence at the Institute of Music from 21-23 May 2014.

Kerong ChokA performer and composer whose work exhibits a keen intellect combined with emotional depth, Kerong Chok is making a significant impact as a pianist and Hammond organist in New York City and Singapore. His first album, “Good Company”, has been described as “a terrific debut” (New Straits Times), “a release permeated with texture and a rich sonic color palette” (criticaljazz.com), and no-nonsense jazz pulled like taffy from the sticky pot of 1960’s classic jazz celebrity” (lajazz.com).

For more information, please visit www.kerongchok.com

Additional Press Quotes

“These ten tracks are striking originals, and Chok’s penmanship matches his undeniable instrumental panache…Chok’s fine compositions are unabashedly old school in design, but such is the combination of vibrancy and seductiveness in the execution that it’s hard not to be completely smitten.With Good Company, Chok has produced a hugely impressive debut, and one whose charms hold all manner of promise for the future.” – allaboutjazz.com

“…plays the hammond b-3 organ with stylish bravura…” – Straits Times “…lyrical, funky, and aggressively inventive but tastefully restrained whenever the music calls for a soft touch.” – Business Times

“Even though he rates as one of Singapore’s most exciting young jazz keyboardists, it’s taken Chok Kerong nine years to come up [with] his debut album. But what an album it is…Get this and you’ll realise that you’re really in good musical company indeed.” – Today


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