[FEATURE] Nurul Aina goes to Hollywood

Aina with fellow friends-supporters at her recent win. Credits to raghdazayeed@IG
Aina with fellow friends-supporters at her recent win. Credits to raghdazayeed@IG

UCSI University’s Institute of Music is proud to announce that Nurul Aina, a student of the Institute, will be participating and competing at the World Championships of Performing Arts at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California. She will be competing under the Vocal Category of the competition is one of two contestants. They were handpicked out of 15 other hopefuls and will be representing Malaysia at the competition.

At the audition, Nurul was judged by a panel of judges who included Malaysian singer Deja Moss, Malaysian Male Supermodel Wilson Tan and Malaysian dancer Dayang Mariana among several other esteemed individuals. Among other potential contestants were current Malaysian celebrities.

Nurul however, is no stranger to the local entertainment scene. Having successfully competed and won numerous singing competitions locally in her younger years. Nurul even went as far as to perform at the birthday of His Royal Highness, the Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan not once, not twice, but THREE times. Nurul has also participated in numerous government engagements locally.

She did however, express her concerns regarding juggling between preparing for the competition and her classes at university. “Thank God the last few weeks of the finals did not clash with class schedules. But I did face some challenges in terms of practice time in addition to attending lessons at the same time. To me classes from morning to evening are my main concern and thats why I usually practice at night.”

Click to read the online article published by Kosmo!
Click to read the online article published by Kosmo!

Nurul also, is grateful for her skills she has acquired from her time at university. She also mentions her mother as a great source of practical advice and moral strength “I learned a lot in terms of vocal skills. Especially we all have to sing for one minute and show everything we have. So my lessons in UCSI helps to develop my vocal strength. My mother was always there for me giving countless supports and advice for me to stay positive physically and mentally. I’m really grateful for that from the bottom of my heart.”

We wish the best of luck to Nurul for representing UCSI University and Malaysia at this world event. Go forth and make us proud!

Click here to read about an article that featured Nurul Aina in The Star, 29 April 2011

This article was written by Glenn Tan, 3rd year student of the B. Music Contemporary program.


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