[FEATURE] A Jazzed Evening with the Teriver Cheung Trio

Teriver Cheung returned to UCSI University for a second time recently. In addition to hosting several masterclasses and lessons, Cheung remained in the university for a short 3-day residency with his very own jazz trio featuring organist/pianist Kerong Chok from Singapore and drummer Chanutr Techatana-nan (better known as Hong) from Thailand.

Teriver Cheung

Held at UCSI University’s very own recital hall, the evening performance saw a substantial crowd, no doubt eager to witness a very interesting performance. Earlier in the day and throughout their 3-day residency, the trio also held masterclasses and lessons for the budding musicians-to-be here at the university.

All three musicians are of impeccable calibre and have performed at numerous venues the world over. An alumni of the University of North Texas (UNT), Cheung is currently based in New York after moving from his native Hong Kong. Chok splits his time between both New York and Singapore and performs regularly on both the Hammond organ and the piano. Hailing from the Land of Smiles, esteemed drummer Techatana-nan is regarded by many as one of the most innovative and exciting drummer in the Asian jazz scene, having performed at many concerts and jazz festivals both in Asia and beyond.

Kerong Chok

Featuring an interesting repertoire that ranged from vibrant and eclectic compositions from all three, to more familiar standards such as Billy Strayhorn’s Chelsea Bridge, each and every song featured a certain sensitivity that seemed to resonate from within each musician, captivating the audience (yours truly included) and placing them on the edge of their seat with every song they played. At the end of the evening, the trio indulged a highly enthusiastic audience with an encore which again was again met with a rousing applause that lasted minutes.

Chanutr Techatana-nan (Hong)

The Institute of Music is proud to play host to musicians such as Cheung and Co. Without a doubt, the institute and its’ students anxiously look forward to receive more artists such as Cheung in the future.

The Teriver Cheung Trio


This article was written by Glenn Tan, 3rd year student of the B. Music Contemporary program.

Photo credits to Sim Jin Yee, 3rd year student of the B.Music Classical program.


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