[FEATURE] A Piano Recital by Clarence Lam

10489969_10152303396139195_8810395039396779210_nOn 1st July 2014, a classical piano recital by Clarence Lam was held at Le Quadri Ballroom, UCSI University’s north wing campus. This talented young Hong Kong pianist charmed the audience that night with a wide repertoire of Debussy’s Preludes 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 12; Debussy’s L’isle Joyeuse, Mozart’s Sonata in Bb, K. 333, and Chopin’s Polonaise- Fantasy.

The whole program for the recital was very light-weighted in character, yet lyrical and subtle; which is the perfect kind of mood you would like to have at night. Clarence portrayed the mood of every piece very well, with his very own hidden story. I can say that every note he played carried little details that contributed to a scene or to an imaginative world; leading us to follow closely into his fantasy world. It captivated his audience for a feedback like this:

 “An impressive performance. He brought out the character of each piece strongly which keeps me with his music from the beginning of the concert until the end.” – Ng Jui Yee, 3rd year student of B. of Classical Music (Hons).

His touch was magnificent. Throughout the recital with pieces from the Classical period to the 20th century, he played every single note clearly and gently, producing light and singing tone in those pieces. The passages of running notes were played sounding like streaming water, by his steady and well controlled long fingers. Every section in the pieces were presented contrastingly with colors of imagination that Clarence pictured every time before he hits the note.

“Two words- Weightless playing style. Stellar performance.” – Genesis Teh, 3rd year student of B. of Contemporary Music (Hons).

The recital ended successfully with an encore. Clarence played a tune that everyone is familiar with, which is currently known and recognized as the Nokia phone ringtone in this 20th century. However, what most of us do not know about the history of this tune is that it is actually a classical piece composed by Francisco Tarrega and its title is Gran Vals!

Every moment of sound seems to be alive on that stage at that night. A truly mesmerizing night.

This article was written by Alice Ang Ying Ying, 3rd  year student of the B. of Classical Music program. Picture courtesy of Alice.


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