Terrence Ling

terrence 2Terrence Ling was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but raised in Miri, Sarawak. He started his vocal lessons at the age of 9. He was the first male singer to represent Miri in the Sarawak State Level Kids Singing Competition and won the third prize in 2003. Since then, he has won numerous prizes in singing competitions across Malaysia such as Champion for Teens Idol Singing & Talent Contest in 2006, Champion for the Sarawak State Level Singing Competition in 2008, 1st runner up for the Taiwanese Chinese Artist, Sam Lee Singing Competition in 2010, and a finalist for the Beijing Overseas-Chinese Singing Competition in 2014.

He started piano and violin lessons when he was 13. His first international competition experience was with the high school marching band. He served as a high-tension marching snare drummer, then later served as the percussion group sectional leader in 2007 and drum major in 2008. In 2007, he travelled with the team to participate in the International Show Parade (Brass Band) at the 8th edition of the International Music Festival in Giulianova City, Italy. They were the overall champion and won best choreography award and most popular award categories. Later in 2009, they participated in Murcia International Spring Festival in Spain and were chosen as the best performing band among the local and international bands.

As a violinist, he was the member of the Miri Orchestra and Choir Society and UCSI Orchestra. In 2010, he was invited to perform in Music of The Heart 3 Charity Concert at Dewan Raya RTB Brunei Darussalam with the Guests of Honor; The Royal Family of Brunei Darussalam.

Terrence started drums lesson in 2011 under the tutelages of Charles Wong and Elliott Koon in UCSI University. Apart from being a session drummer, he performs in mostly private events, weddings and local jazz clubs such as No Black Tie, NeroFico, Hakka Republic, and The Moon Bar. As a drummer, he has performed in music concerts like “Popzzical: The Young KL Singers Celebrates 10 years with Pop, Jazz and Musical Theatre” (The Actor Studio in 2012), “Kif Valentine <Circle> Live in Malaysia” and “Tribute to Stephanie Sun Music Concert” in 2014. He has also performed with local and international artists such as Winnie Ho, Ushera, Awake, Janet Lee and Jasmine Chen. Terrence is part of the Toro Cheng Trio who released their debut album “Pianistic Wolverine” in August 2014. The band was invited to perform at the 2nd Malaysian Piano Jazz Festival at KLPac in January 2015.

With a continuous interest in singing, he actively participated in the Institute’s choir and toured around Malaysia. He served as the Vice President for the chamber choir in 2013 and took over as President in 2014. As a choir member and leader, he and the team participated in numerous international choral festival which includes the 11th China International Choral Festival in 2012 (they won the Gold Medal), 4th Hong Kong International Youth and Children’s Choir Festival in 2013 (1 Gold and 1 Silver Medal), The Mahajanaka Gala at the International Choral Festival Pattaya-Bangkok and 7th Thailand International Choir Festival, Pattaya Grand Prix – International Choir Competition in 2014 (1 Gold and 1 Silver Medal). Apart from the Institute’s choir, he also serves as Vice President for Dithyrambic Singers. With the choir, he has performed with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in numerous projects including “Distant World: Music from Final Fantasy” with conductor Arnie Roth in 2012, “Andrea Bocelli’s Asia World Tour 2013: Live in Malaysia” with conductor Marcello Rota.  Terrence was assistant to the conductor, Arnie Roth for “Distant World: Music from Final Fantasy” in 2014 and assistant to the conductor, Fabio Mechetti for Bizet’s Carmen in January 2015.

Terrence graduated from UCSI University with a Bachelor of Contemporary Music and is now a tutor and event coordinator in the Institute of Music.


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