Piano Masterclass by Prof. Dr. Kim SungHae


Dr. Kim Sunghae Cho was born in June, 1942 in Korea. She is the president of Hansei University (2001~Now). She is also a piano professor. She received Master degree of Music
in N.Y. Manhattan School of Music(1995). She played with symphony orchestras in Los Angeles and Korea, and played recitals in Tokyo, Berlin, and Korea. She produced a piano
CD with the world-renowned Paul Badura-Skoda, recorded two piano CDs, and published Kim Sunghae Cho Gospel Song Collection (2005) and Understanding of Piano
Technique (2011). Her books are titled Open Wide Your Mouth and I Will Fill it (2005), The Lord Who Is on the Waves (2006), Deliverer of Happiness (2011), and I can Dance without Music (2012). Those books have been translated into English, Chinese, and Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Spanish. As an ordained minister, she received D. Min from Oral Roberts University (1989). She gave lectures around the world such as Japan, New Zealand, the United States, Ecuador, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Taipei, Fiji, Bolivia, England, Norway, Australia, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Philippine, Russia and etc.
Kim Sunghae Cho is a philanthropist. She is operating the home for orphans and the nursing home for the elders. She is also Co-Chairman of Choyonggi Charity Foundation (2012).


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