Elliott Koon

Elliott Koon pursued his music studies and majored in Music Technology & Production  at International College of Music and continued Music performance studies at Community Music Program.

He has performed at various jazz festivals such as Sunrise Mont Kiara Jazz Festival, Penang Jazz Festival, Genting Jazz Festival and many more jazz festivals in the region. He also worked with Malaysian’s very own homegrown artists like Malaysian Idol alumni Daniel Lee, Sufiah Noor and Jaclyn Victor; Jose Thomas, Winnie Ho,  Juwita Suwito,  and Akedemi Fantasia Champion, Vince Chong. Besides performing with the local artists, he also had the privilege to work with international artists like Bob Fitts, Paul Wilbur, Wayne Huirua, Nadda Viyakarn, and Denise Minifield.  A notable achievement in his career is that in September 2007, Elliott and his band  For@lementZ had the privilege to share the stage together with world class artists, George Benson and Al Jarreau.
Elliott is also involved as a music director, playing and composing for musical productions and plays like “The Chinese Phantom of the Opera”, “The Peace Child”, “Christmas Tales and Puji Nusantara musical” and the recent musical  “180 Degrees”. In August 2006, Elliott performed in “Broken Bridges The Musical” at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center and won the Best Musicals Musicians at the Cameron BOH music Awards.
He also co-produced and recorded in DUMC live album “Savior Friend” and directed a short film “The Drop” @ DumcShorties.

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