Hall of Fame

The Institute of Music is proud to be grooming some of the most talented musicians to become professionals in the various fields of music.

Find out how they balance between studies and practices / rehearsals to hone their craft whilst being a student at UCSIU.

2nd Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival 2015


ABRSM Ensemble Competition
ABRSM Ensemble Competition

Wei Harn, Joey and Mei Hui
MPYO Flashmob
S+S Musical 2013
Malaysian Youth Music Festival 2013
Malaysian Youth Music Festival 2013
Mei Xuan (Asia Piano Competition)
Chan Mei Xuan (Asia Piano Competition)
Grace Foo - UCSI University Song
Grace Foo (UCSI University Song)
Contemporary Ensemble - KL International Jazz Fest 2013
Contemporary Ensemble (KL International Jazz Fest 2013)
Gan Hui Wan - VIrtual Choir 2013
Gan Hui Wan (Virtual Choir 2013)
Melvin Goh (Juwita@MPO)
Melvin Goh (Juwita@MPO)


Melvin 1
Melvin Goh
B. Contemporary Music
Wong Hui Yun
B. Classical Music 
Meldy Tanako BMus in Classical Piano
Meldy Tanako
B. Classical Music (Piano)
Jeremy Yeo
B.Classical Music (Piano)
Nurul Aina Abd. Ghani B. Contemporary Music (Voice)
Tang Suat Ting
B. Classical Music
Profile 1
Wong Wei-Ming B. Contemporary Music (Guitar)



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