Every semester, the Institute of Music presents a variety of recitals. These recitals enhances the student experience, not only in performance, but also widen their musical horizons to different types of styles and genres as an audience member.

Admission is FREE to all recitals unless stated otherwise. Click on the CONCERT & EVENTS tab for a complete listing.


Lunchtime Student Recital

This recital is held every Tuesday between Week 2 and 14 of every semester. This recital is by students, for students. The lunchtime recital serves as a platform for students to view themselves from difference angles; a performer, a stage crew and an audience member. Each recital lasts for 1.5 hours and the program is varied from both classical and contemporary students.

Guest Recital

The Institute of Music frequently invites external guests, both locally and internationally, to give recitals at our Le Quadri Ballroom. These recitals are usually on a Thursday night, followed by a masterclass the next day.

Graduation Recital

Final year students majoring in performance are required to give 2 public recitals in their final 2 semesters of the degree program


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