Ken Chung

Ken Chung has been playing the bass for more than 10 years. He has a unique talent for groove playing, locking down the beat with the drummer and providing ear-pleasing rhythms and notes on the bass. A versatile player who covers diverse genres from R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock and Latin. He also has a silky approach … More Ken Chung

Stephanie Tham

A graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Stephanie Tham is no stranger to the local music scene. A piano extraordinaire, her forte lies in both classical and contemporary music. She has collaborated with artists such as Vince Chong, Altimet, Prema Yin and many more. Currently, Stephanie is performing with her 7-piece band,” Nadir” which … More Stephanie Tham

Hin Ee Jeng

Ee Jeng is an adjunct lecturer at the Institute of Music since 2014. A graduate from ICOM, who majored in Music Arranging, Ee Jeng has since been a staple in the performing circuit. He is an active keyboardist and pianist for local artist and music directors, frequently performing in corporate functions and also music programs produced … More Hin Ee Jeng

Russian Techniques Seminar by Dr Oh Yann Shie

If you were to take a piano lesson with two different teachers, you may find that they may have completely opposing methods of executing a certain technique and may tell you two different things. While neither method is right or wrong, their approach to the instrument is vastly different for no apparent reason. However, there … More Russian Techniques Seminar by Dr Oh Yann Shie

A Voice- Piano Masterclass by Dr. Lucas Wong

The International Piano Festival and Competition that was hosted by UCSI University’s Institute of Music from the 8th to the 12th of June was a treasure trove of exciting musical events the entire week. UCSI was privileged to have Dr. Lucas Wong, the Assistant Professor of Piano at Soochow University School of Music in China, … More A Voice- Piano Masterclass by Dr. Lucas Wong