Music & Modernism Concert

Come one, come all! Come and experience the music that might intrigue your senses… The music you will hear are known for their individuality and unique taste. Will you be shocked? Or will you be amazed? Is it frightening? Or will it excite your senses?

Come and decide for yourself! FREE ADMISSION!

Facebook event page:



1) Syrinx by Claude Debussy
Guest performer: Tan Wei Harn

2) Lindaraja by Claude Debussy

3) Vingt Regards (2 movements) by Olivier Messiaen

4) Mahler’s Symphony No. 6, 3rd movement

5) Piano Suite Op. 25 by Arnold Schoenberg

6) And The Earth Shall Bear Again by John Cage

7) Tango by Igor Stravinsky

8) China Gates by John Adams

9) The Tides of Menaunaun by Henry Cowell

10) Theme & Variation for violin and piano by Olivier Messiaen

11) Seabed by Lee Hwa Young


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