[FEATURE] Jeremy Yeo to represent Malaysia at Carnegie Hall

The American Protégé Organization is in its 5th year, organizing various music competitions that encompasses a wide range of classical music styles and instruments. Little was known of a young man who participated in the prestigious American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music 2013, which held its online competition recently. We asked him how did he get himself into such an international competition with contestants from all over the world; his reply was simple. “I knew about this event from the internet. I always surf the net to check out competitions that I’m eligible to participate as a student”.

Jeremy Yeo is the youngest, and only Malaysian to be amongst the First Place Winner in the Advanced Category. He will be representing Malaysia in the Winners Recitals which will be held on Sunday, March 30, 2014, at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Dr. Sophya Genis was invited as a Chairwoman of the Competition. A graduate of the Moscow Gnessin Academy of Music, Mrs. Genis holds a Doctor of Music Arts Degree. She studied piano with such renowned professors as Alexander Yoheles, Yakov Milstein and Yakov Zak. For the competition, Jeremy performed Chopin’s Etude Op.25, No.6 and Chopin’s Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor. Although Jeremy has participated in many competitions, he sets his mind to these points:

Being positive and confident, always look at the bright side in all circumstances. When things happen, never ask why, but the lessons I can learn from it.

Jeremy occupies himself very well, balancing lectures and class revisions, as well as preparing for the competition. He shares:

Being disciplined, prioritize and focus on the things I need to do, and enjoy what I’m doing.

Although Jeremy is just in his first year at UCSIU, he has learned some new skills along the way, many of which are outside of the classroom. He cites “like learning to be independent, organizing a concert and making proposal for fundraising to promote classical music and also the art of working with fellow students and other musicians” as some of the skills that he has gained within the first few months at UCSIU.

Jeremy is currently enrolled in our Bachelors of Classical Music Program in his first year. We look forward to his musical growth and journey with us, and wish him the very best for his performance at Carnegie Hall next year.

Congratulations Jeremy!

Click here for Jeremy’s full bio.


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