Christine Tan

christinetanDr. Christine Tan Yunn Bing, a native of Melaka, has been studying and, playing the piano since she was five years old. She received her Bachelors degree from Western Illinois University in Piano Pedagogy, her Masters in Piano Pedagogy, and her Doctor of Musical Art degree in Piano Performance from West Virginia University, under the tutelage of Dr. Christine Kefferstan.

In 2007,Dr. Tan was awarded the Music Teacher National Association Student Achievement Recognition Award, USA. Dr. Tan has performed in Community Music Program concerts, WVU Collegiate Chapter of MTNA concerts, and concerts given at the Heritage Point Retirement Community. Her students have won awards in several competitions such as the Roland Piano Festival 2010, Indonesia Open Piano Competition 2013. Dr. Tan has performed a two-piano recitals with Miss Leong Mann Yee at UCSI University and was invited by Medan Musik to play a two-piano recital, judged piano examination as well as gave a piano technique workshop in Medan, Indonesia.   In 2013, Dr. Tan was again invited to give a two-piano lecture-recital at Taiwan Education University, Taichung. In 2013, Dr. Tan was appointed as one of the judges for the Asia Piano Competition. Recently, she was also selected as an External Examiner to judge the performance final recital at the Faculty of music of University Technology Mara. Currently, she is a lecturer at UCSI University. She teaches piano, music theory, aural skills, piano pedagogy, music history, and chamber music ensemble.


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