James Boyle

Jarasum Perf 11The son of one of Malaysia’s most prolific and highly acclaimed composer, pianist and all round renaissance musician, Jimmy Boyle, Boh Cameronian Award winning Music Director, James P.S. Boyle, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music and a graduate of Universiti Malaya with a Master Degree of Art ( Performing Arts ) has been with ASWARA, or ASK as it was known then, since 1999. James covers vast and various subjects in ASWARA.

Apart from ASWARA, James is also a very well known figure in the academic field all over Malaysia. He has lectured in the most prestigious Universities and Colleges in and around the country, such as, The International College of Music (ICOM), 1997-1999, The Yamaha Academy of Arts & Music, 1999-2008, Universiti Malaya, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM) and UCSI, till this present day. Throughout the years, in his students , who are now very successful musicians and academicians in their own right, James have always taught passionately, and with his unique brand of humor and talent, students always emerge from his classes enriched and empowered by his teachings.

His topics of expertise includes Contemporary playing styles on the piano, Aural and Ear Training classes, Compositional methods, Improvisational skills and songwriting classes, for both the Diploma and degree programmes.

James, a pianist and band leader also performs in various Jazz festivals in the Asian region, namely, The Penang Island Jazz festival, The Genting International Jazz Festival and The Jarasum Jazz Festival in Korea.

An active composer in the corporate and theater world, James is also a Certified Movie director and a Line Producer from the Hollywood Film Institute.


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