Quek Shio Yee

quekQuek Shio Yee
BMus in Contemporary (Violin)

Quek Shio Yee has been living a life surrounded by music since the early age of 4. Back then in 1994, she was already accepted into the Gifted Young Pianists’ Programme at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts(NAFA) in Singapore, studying classical piano under Mdm Fang Yuan. During her NAFA years, for a number of times she became one of the specially selected young students to perform in the Young Pianists concerts organized by NAFA.

In 1997, Shio Yee with a group of her friends from NAFA and her brother (also studying in NAFA during the time) participated in an international piano competition held in Hong Kong. For the solo piano category, Shio Yee emerged as the 2nd place winner.

In 1998 when she was 8, she became a high scorer when she achieved a high score of 142/150 for her Grade 7 ABRSM piano exam, later on performing for NAFA’s High Scorers’ Concert in the Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore.

Shio Yee has obtained ABRSM piano exam certificates till grade 8 with distinction. She later on achieved the Trinity ATCL Piano Diploma certificate, which she obtained at the tender age of 10, the youngest of the batch of graduates that year.

After her piano graduation, Shio Yee continued to learn another instrument which is the violin, taught by Ms Wendy Lim from Muar. She continued to achieve great results, obtaining ABRSM violin examination certificates also with distinction every time till Grade 8, which she achieved at the age of 15 in 2005. After her high school years, with the focus mainly on the violin, Shio Yee has since followed her passion by pursuing further education in music, with an enrolment into UCSI University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2008. She took up the contemporary music degree course, after deciding to change directions and explore her interests, majoring in contemporary violin. While studying in UCSI University, Shio Yee also took up a few other instruments, including the drums. While being a student in UCSI University, Shio Yee has quite a few notable achievements. In 2009 she performed in an Astor Piazzolla project in 2009, Tanguedia, organized by the head of contemporary music department, Mr Juan Pablo. Shio Yee was the former singer of the band Juanophobia, formed by students and alumni from UCSI University. The band participated in the Polo Rocks competition in 2010. They emerged as 3rd place winners. In 2011, she performed with the UCSI faculty band for the Contemporary Music Festival, with many students and lecturers and also world-known musicians.

During her free time, Shio Yee, better known as Shiomaru in the Anime/Comic/Games (ACG) scene, writes tribute songs and is frequently invited to perform her original songs in many local anime conventions. She has come up with a self-made album of her tribute songs, all written and recorded on her own. Shio Yee also composed a number of original music for her brother, Shio Chuan, for his film projects. Her most recent work was a waltz piece composed for her brother’s short film entry, Guang, in the BMW Shorties competition in December 2011, the film which won the grand prize. [] She also contributed as a composer for her brother’s short films, ContaminatedWitty Wings, Tidal Tales, The Last Exit.

Recently, Shio Yee passed an audition to perform singing on 8tv for a Chinese songwriting competition “The Ultimate Song”.

She is also preparing for her graduation recital in April 2013.

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